Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold and vibrant nail designs. With the latest nail trends constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s in style. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 22 trendy summer nail designs to try in 2023.

1. Neon French Tips Nails

A colourful and contemporary variation on the traditional French manicure are neon French tips nails. Instead of the customary white tips, this design has you paint the tips of your nails with vivid neon colours. The summer months are ideal for neon French tips manicures because they provide a splash of colour to any look. Any occasion may be accommodated for by adding your favourite bright colours to this pattern. Neon French Tips nails are a terrific choice whether you’re heading to a party or just want to add some colour to your day. You can make this fashionable nail design at home with a little practise and the appropriate supplies.

2. Ombré Nails

The popular and fashionable nail art known as “ombré nails” involves mixing two or more colours to produce a gradient appearance. For those seeking a refined and understated appearance, this design is ideal. Any colour scheme may be used to create ombré nails, but a summertime favourite is an orange, pink, and yellow gradient that is reminiscent of a sunset.Use a makeup sponge to mix the darker colours into the tips of your nails after first applying a light base colour to get this effect. With a little practise and the proper equipment, anyone can easily make this pattern at home. Ombré nails are a fantastic way to give your nails some colour without going overboard or gaudy.

3. Floral Nail Art

Summertime is the ideal time for floral nail art, which is delicate and feminine. Using a little brush and nail polish, you may create this pattern by painting flowers, leaves, and other botanical features onto your nails. Any colour scheme and flower type are possible for floral nail art, but pastel bases with delicate flowers in pink, purple, and white are a popular choice for summer. This pattern is adaptable and may be made in a range of ways, from a subdued accent nail to a complete manicure with flowers. Floral nail art is ideal for a special event or just to brighten your day since it gives a touch of elegance to any attire. You can make this gorgeous nail art at home with a little perseverance and imagination.

4. Geometric Patterns Nails

Modern nail art trends include geometric designs, which use straight lines and angles to create forms and patterns. For those seeking an edgy and strong appearance, this design is ideal. Geometric patterns may be made in any colour scheme and geometric shape, but a summery favourite is a colourful pattern with triangles or squares. Start by applying a light base colour to produce this appearance, and then use a tiny brush or tape to create the geometric designs with various nail paint colours. With a little practise and the proper equipment, anyone can easily make this pattern at home. Geometric patterns are a fantastic way to give your nails uniqueness and display your artistic side.

5. Tie-Dye Nails

The vibrant and entertaining nail art known as tie-dye is ideal for the summer. Using a choice of vivid and daring colours, you can create a tie-dye appearance on your nails with this design. Any colour scheme may be used to create personalised tie-dye nails, but a rainbow-inspired pattern in tones of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple is a popular option for summer. Apply a light base colour first, and then, using a tiny sponge, randomly dab on several nail polish colours to produce this appearance. With a little practise and the proper equipment, anyone can easily make this pattern at home. For a day at the beach or a summer festival, tie-dye nails are a terrific way to add some colour and individuality to your nails.

6. Glitter Accents Nails

Glitter Accents Nails are a basic yet stunning manicure design that is excellent for adding some shine to your nails. In order to get this look, you must apply a little glitter to your nails using a number of techniques, including as glitter tips, glitter stripes, or a glitter accent nail. Any colour scheme may be used to create Glitter Accents Nails, but a common summertime option is a pastel foundation with silver or gold glitter. To accomplish this effect, start by applying a foundation color and then use a tiny brush or tape to add the glitter accents. With the right tools, this design is simple to make at home and can be as plain or striking as you like. For a night out or a special event, Glitter Accents Nails are a terrific way to add some glitz to your nails.

7. Bright Multicolor Nails

What better way to get into the summer mood than with a multicoloured manicure, we hear you ask? The secret to getting this easily stylish finish is to use a different colour to paint each fingernail. This makes it simple to combine all of your preferred colours. You get to choose whether that’s a vivid pink or a calm green. Your hands will stand out and the form of each fingernail will be highlighted.

8. Bright Summer Pink Nails

Go forth, girl, and show off your inner Barbie! This summer, bright pink nails are a stunning way to draw attention to your fingertips because of their vivid colour. Don’t be put off by the colour since it is surprisingly simple to apply and flattering on the majority of skin tones. This colour is also feminine.

9. Bright Blue Nails

Rich and vivid blue frequently conjures up images of grandeur and refinement. But in the summer, it’s all about being yourself and garnering attention for your fingernails! Do you enjoy easy nail art? It’s good since this colour looks stunning on even the most basic of designs. Alternatively, why not contrast it by picking a contrasting colour for a feature nail? This will not only lessen the blue but also give you the opportunity to try out several other looks at once.

10. Bright Green Nails

The ideal summer nail colour is bright green since it allows you to express yourself and draw inspiration from nature. There are so many hues available that it’s simple to choose the one that best meets your preferences and matches the tone of your skin. Let your imagination shine when it comes to the application by selecting intriguing positions and experimenting with negative space.

11. Bright Orange Nails

The best option for adding warmth and excitement to your manicure is orange nails. The eye-catching colour will draw attention to your preferred form and make it impossible to ignore, allowing you the chance to try something novel. To contrast or enhance the colour, try blending it with other colours. This is a fantastic method for enhancing the visibility of nail art. Take it, lady!

12. Bright Polka Dot Nail Art

No of the season, polka dot nail art is a classic and a fan favourite due to its ease of application and straightforward design. However, by selecting hues that are vivid and saturated, you may give your manicure a very summertime air. There are countless opportunities for creativity, such as experimenting with various dot sizes and application angles.

13.  Bright Squiggly Summer Nails

Choose a colourful manicure to bid farewell to the dismal, dark winter days. Could the perfect solution be these colourful, wavy summer nails? There is no such thing as being too bright or adventurous, and now is the perfect time of year to experiment with colours that you would otherwise be afraid to wear. Squiggles are quick and adorable to make. Choose from bold, imposing patterns or something delicate and subtle!

14. Bright Y2K Nails

With this 90s manicure, you’ll never want to conceal your hands again. Additionally, this is the time to go all out! Let us introduce you to the hip female finish that is expressive and young, Y2K summer nails. Combining your favourite hues, colours, and patterns to create something distinctive and one-of-a-kind is the key to this style, just like you!

15. Bright Hearts Summer Nail Art

Nothing compares to heart nails as a means of expressing affection. The form is easy to make and lovely in a variety of sizes and hues, offering you a tonne of creative freedom. The best approach to accentuate your nails is with bright colours, which may also be really adorable and young-looking. Try a nude or neutral base coat beneath for a stunning contrast.

16. Bright Rainbow Nails

Combine all of your favourite hues into the prettiest and most meaningful nail art pattern: rainbow nails. It is a beautiful method for you to harness these attributes or to remind yourself of your strength because it stands for hope, faith, and new beginnings. Small symbols on each fingernail may make the combination beautiful, or the entire nail can be turned into a rainbow.

17. Bright Ice Cream Nails

Summertime conjures us images of the beach, sunlight, and delectable cold foods. The sweetest ice cream nail art you have ever seen is the perfect way to embrace the holiday spirit. You may choose a 3D pattern to make your favourite treat come to life or mix many different colours for a colourful and striking finish.

18. Bright Strawberry Nail Art

The strawberry, one of our favourite foods, makes for beautiful nail art. We don’t know about you, but we love strawberries. Summertime has traditionally been a time for fruity patterns, but the striking contrast of red and green strikes the ideal balance. It has a contemporary vibe and many different methods can be added. You may choose to alter the entire fingernail or only the centre portion; just have fun with it!

19. Bright Puzzle Art Nails

These puzzle art nails will stimulate your mind. The amazing thing about picking a manicure is that you can pretty much do anything with it, like play around with colours or select eye-catching patterns and motifs. And let us tell you, it doesn’t get much more imaginative or enjoyable than this, girl! Your form and length of choice will be further highlighted by the striking colours you choose.

20. Summer Fruity Nails

Why choose just one fruit when you may enjoy a variety? These fruity summer nails are just as much fun as you would expect and are the ideal way to appreciate the warm weather. For a delicate finish, pick a different choice for the base of each fingernail. Or make a statement by stacking many on top of one another to make your own fruit salad.

21. Gel Summer Nails

Gel nails are made by applying a unique lacquer, which is subsequently hardened with the aid of a UV light. The outcome? a robust and durable manicure. You’ll want to flaunt it, and having an excellent shape might offer you an advantage. You want to maintain your adorable artwork this season for as long as you can, therefore girl, this is the greatest approach to make sure your drawings endure longer! Don’t be afraid to be brave and vibrant, and add some colour to your outfit!

22. Short Summer Nail

Are you the type of girl who adores frugally-minded patterns and durable shapes? Short nails are the ideal choice since we hear you. The coolest colourful summer manicure does not require lengthy talons, and even if there is less room for experimentation, you can still discover something spectacular and one-of-a-kind.

Summer Nails FAQs

What is the most popular nail polish for summer 2023?

Some of the most popular nail colors trending in 2023 are playful pinks, creamy lavenders, navy blues, and neutrals.

Are bright nails unprofessional?

Choosing a nail look that reflects your creativity and individual style can make you stand out in the workplace. Wearing bright nail polish won’t impact an employer’s assessment of your professional qualifications – so don’t be afraid to express yourself!

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