After what felt like a very, very long winter, spring has finally arrived. So put away your cosy winter sweaters and bring on the adorable spring fashions, but most importantly, some brand-new spring nails!

Nothing elevates all of your springtime looks and clothes like the feeling of brand-new nails, which will also make you feel really cute. We’ve rounded together 35 manicure ideas for spring because we know how difficult it can be to choose nail designs you adore and to help make your decision-making process easier.

Even if you enjoy doing your own nails (we find it to be really therapeutic!) You’ll also adore the spring nail art ideas and manicure wraps we’ve gathered in our roundup, especially if you genuinely prefer that very relaxed pampering time at your favourite salon (and catch up with your nail tech and bestie).

Once you’ve selected your favourites from our selection of spring nail designs, simply click the link provided beneath the image to buy your spring nail designs right now.

For those who love charming simple nails to elegant spring nails, fun spring nails, and simple spring nails, we’ve made sure to include a variety of nail ideas for spring in our roundup (that you can try at home or show to your nail technician). Love your beautiful new nails!

35 Dreamy Spring Nails (Spring Nail Designs and Nail Art) You Need To Rock In 2023

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Nails Inspo

Have trouble deciding on the perfect spring nail colour for your upcoming manicure in 2022? Check out these stunning nail colours and spring nail designs created by some incredibly talented and well-known nail artists! Simply choose your favourite option and give it to your nail artist, who will then work their magic to create some pretty stunning nail candy for you to rock this Spring!

1. Purple Nails and French Tips

2. Pastel Nails & Daisies

3. Aqua Nude Swirls

4. Rose Quartz Nails

5. Hot Pink Nails & Tips

6. Nude Nails With Glitter

7. The Perfect Nude Pink Nails

8. Natural Pink Nails

9. Daisy Nails

10. French Nails With Glitter

11. Yellow Tips Nails

12. Khaki Nails

13. Cute Spring Nails

14. White Flowers

15. Blue French Tip Nails & Daisies

16. Pastel French Tips

17. Heart Nails

18.Ombre Dream nails

Press On Nails

When you have last-minute plans or are unable to secure a manicure salon appointment in time, press-on nails are a terrific staple to keep on hand and stock up on. Or maybe you just want to get something more reasonably priced that will last you longer to save yourself some time and money.

Press-on nails no longer only come in a small selection of dull colours. Now, with just the click of a mouse, you can purchase all the most recent nail trends as stick-on nails.

We’ve been in touch with some of the most well-known and extraordinarily brilliant nail designers and artists on Etsy, whose press-on nails sell out really quickly! Their work is incredibly detailed and fully hand painted, which demonstrates their commitment to staying on top of the most popular nail trends and bringing only the most alluring nail designs straight to your door.

Once you’ve discovered your favourite press-on nails from these lovely Etsy sellers, simply click the “Buy Now” button to be taken right to their shop where you can complete the transaction and take pleasure in your brand-new nail accessories!

19. Daisy Chains

20. Sage Green and Floral Nails

21. Red, Yellow and Daisies

22. Sage Leaves

23. French Coffin Nails

24.  Pink Ombre Nails with Glitter Tips

25.  Purple Marble Nails

26. Hot Pink Nails

27. Marble Nails Design With Glitter

28. Cute Pink and Blue Nails

29. Spring Garden & Gold Glitz

30. Spring Abstract Tips

Nail Wraps

Another really useful item to keep in your vanity is nail wraps, often known as nail polish strips. These are Incredibly simple to use. These are basically pre-painted adhesive strips that you can apply right away to your natural nails to achieve a salon-quality finish.

Simply file your nails, push back your cuticles (pro tip: bathe your hands in warm water first to soften your cuticles), use a base coat if desired, and then adhere your nail wraps. After eliminating any air bubbles or lumps, trim the ends. Remove any extra nail wrap by filing it down before picking up any lingering debris. Seal the surface by adding a top coat. It’s that simple!

31. Pink Marble and Gold Glitz

32. Pretty in Pink nails

33. Floral Nail Wrap

34. Pink Modern Abstract Nail Wraps

35. Dreamy Blue Nails wrap

The complete collection of 35 spring nails is now available for inspiration. We sincerely hope you enjoyed these spring nail art ideas as much as we did selecting them for you.

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