Best Barbie Nails Designs Inspire Your to Next Manicure

In the vibrant world of fashion and beauty, Barbie reigns supreme. With Barbiecore taking the world by storm last year, the recent announcement of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie has sparked a sensational pink revolution across the internet, honoring the iconic doll that has captured hearts for generations.

Embracing the wave of this extreme pink trend, the influence of Barbie is evident everywhere, from makeup looks to celebrities donning Barbie-inspired outfits, and even a sudden surge in the demand for pink paint! In sync with the pink frenzy, let’s not neglect our nails! Step into the spotlight with these 10 dazzling Barbie-inspired nail designs for the ultimate dose of nail art inspiration.

10 Best Barbie Nails Designs Inspire Your to Next Manicure

1. Barbie’s Perfect Pink

Because @Margot Robbie herself wore them, as confirmed by famous nail technician Tom Bachik, these are the most Barbie-inspired nails you can get.

2. Barbie Bows

When it comes to nails, celebrity nail artist @Zola Ganzorigt has plenty of inspiration. She gave Ariana Greenblatt a manicure with delicate, sparkling pink nails, a pearl bow, and rhinestones for added glitz.

3. Flirty Florals

This playful floral Barbie-inspired manicure style by @naileditbeauty is based on almond-shaped nails and has an alternation of hot Barbie pink finished nails and white Barbie-esque flower motifs.

4. Barbie Marble

@by_hannahtaylor reinvents the French tip by using several pink hues on square-shaped nails. She adds a few nude-based nails with pink and white mixed marble patterns to the solid-colored nails to complement them.

5. Glitter Confetti

This manicure is for you if you want something delicate but nonetheless festive inspired by Barbie. Blogger @klaudiafekner wears ultra-thin pink glitter confetti French tips on almond-shaped nails.

6. Cowgirl Barbie

Barbie nails are made glam by @Polishedbykam with a Wild, Wild West twist. Short almond-shaped nails painted in pink and white are used to imitate a cow print, and she alternates between glittering nails and the “B” (for Barbie) design.

7. Barbie French Mani

The French manicure is given a Barbie-inspired twist by @jellybbayn_nails. Each nail on these coffin nails has a thick, glittering pink French tip and is adorned with pearls and stars.

8. Pale Pink

9. Pink Swirls

Nail art trends already include squiggles and swirls. @Artdecom adds four layers of various pink squiggles on a naked background to give her spirals a Barbie-inspired twist.

10. Blushing Barbie

Barbie is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, so it seems sense that hearts would be painted on her nails as well. In classic Barbie style, @xjuliatalisman‘s beautiful pink and red manicure with large bows and white hearts.

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