For unique, beautiful inspirations to enhance your manicure game, check out these well-known blogs.

Do you frequently search the web for the newest and most intriguing nail art trends? From the most avant-garde and eccentric designs to the most elegant, you simply cannot have enough. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 nail art blogs on the web to make your browsing more enjoyable. We promise that when you go through these nail blogs, you’ll discover some amazing regular nail art designs and bizarre concepts that you may have never seen before!

Take a look at the 10 best nail art blogs and get inspired!

1. All Lacquered Up

All Lacquered Up‘s founder, Michelle Mismas, describes herself as a “nail lacquer fanatic” and offers advice, tips, and tricks to her followers. Even Marie Claire named the website as the “Favourite Nail Blog,” and In Style named it one of the “Best of the Web.” The blog provides you with a wealth of knowledge about polishing your nails and receives about 2,250,000 unique visits each month.

2. The Nailasaurus

You must begin following The Nailasaurus if you want to understand more about the variety of appearances that stamping may produce. Sammy, a nail technician, social media professional, and creator of the blog, is also a beauty blogger. The website features a variety of original nail designs that go beyond the usual types.

3. Lucy’s Stash

Lucy titled her site after her big collection of nail paint. She has been dabbling with nail art for years and yet finds time to work at least 40 hours a week on Lucy’s Stash, her website. Some of her masterpieces will certainly wow you, and her collection is truly stunning.

4. Chalkboard Nails

A beauty blog with a concentration on manicures and nail polishes is called Chalkboard Nails. The best feature of this website is that it provides both video and visual tutorials, which makes the process much simpler for novices. Sarah Waite is the author and editor of Chalkboard Nails. She adores keeping up with the most recent nail trends and appreciates all types of nail art.

5. Fashion Polish

You may learn more about the manicure routine and how to turn your nails into beautiful works of art by reading Sam’s blog. Fashion Polish offers some helpful nail care advice in addition to the nail painting instructions.

6. WAH Nails

Sharadean Reid bought this London-based nail salon to a global reach through her hard work and dedication. Taking the inspiration from a unique blend of fashion, style, art and technology, WAH Nails has everything that you need to get the nail art and care done at home.

7. Polish & Pearls

Polish & Pearls gives you a step by step tutorial on nail art for both beginners and professionals. The website was launched by Jenny Fox who is obsessed with beauty and fashion tips and tricks and loves to do pretty things.

8. Hey, Nice Nails

The website comes from two sisters, Donny and Ginny Gear from California. Both the sisters are renowned nail artists and licensed manicurists. They’ve successfully brought in some West Coast flair to the blogosphere through their website, Hey, Nice Nails.

9. Nailside

The creator of NailsideJane from Netherlands surely knows how to get nifty with regular nail art tools. She started this blog in 2011 with an intention of sharing her passion for nail art with everyone. She is prolific in the use of stationary tape in her nail art designs to draw zigzag patterns and clean lines.

10. Adventures In Acetone

Jacki started Adventures In Acetone in the first place. You may anticipate a wide range of nail art that is influenced by different aspects of his life, including fashion, lovers, favourite characters, etc. Before making a purchase of a new colour, you can examine the website for anticipated hues. You can also find creative ways to create nail art with the new collections.


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